Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do you Know Why Shaved Door Handles are Important?

The door is probably one of the most important parts of any vehicle. It is where we enter and exit. Without the door, it will be impossible to go in and out so it must be properly planned and well-maintained. It is also important that the door is always secured with proper fitting, lock and handle to ensure security and pleasant appearance.

Shaved door handle is one of the best types of handle that you can use for your vehicle. Shave door, which is also called autolocs or autoloc doors, refers to a door which has no handle outside that gives it a smooth and clean look. The door is then opened through a remote-controlled keychain or though a mechanically hidden cable release.

The shaved door handles are also being used in order to promote security. It has a solenoid inside which does the unlocking and opening of the door. It also has a steel cable for the release of latch inside the door. Since it has no handle outside, the security of the vehicle is at its best.

Shaved door was pioneered by Harry Westergard, a legendary customizer in California. He thought of a better way on how a vehicle door will look smoother and will be more secured. Shaved door handles can be bought with a kit. Commonly, all shaved door handle kits comes with detailed instructions for easier installation, remotes, solenoids and other hardware needed if you will choose to install it at home.

How do shaved door handles function?

The door/s pops to open when the button or the remote keychain is pressed. Most of the times, it is the driver's door that opens first before any other door. It all depends on how the solenoid was installed. When the first door opens after the first press on the button, the second press will be for opening of other doors. If you wish to lock the doors, there is a separate button for locking and an additional one for popping the trunk.

Shaved door handles are important if you want to present your vehicle smoothly and presentably while also maintaining its security.


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