Friday, April 15, 2011

Do You Know Why Do we Feel Thirsty?

Thirst is one of man’s physiological needs that are basic requirements for continued existence. It is the craving of fluids resulting in the basic instinct of animals to drink. Our body is composed of 5 liters of fluids, blood is 2 liters and about 3 liters is water. When we eat of drink we take in water in our body in various forms, no matter how thirsty or how much water we take in to our body the amount of water in our blood remains the same.

Then, why do we feel thirsty? In our daily activity, such as running, walking, playing or even breathing we losses water. The amount of water that we lose must be replaced to make the water in our body constant. This loss of water is registered in the brain and sends signals to our mouth and throat. This is the time that we feel thirsty.

Many people believed that dryness in the mouth or throat is what causes thirst. In reality, dryness can occur due to other factors and may not be a reason for being thirsty. Some people may still feel thirsty in spite of drinking too much water. This is because the amount of salt content in our blood is change. There is a certain salt and water relation in our blood. When we are having more salts than water, this result to thirst. The “thirst center” in our brain responds to the amount of salt in our blood. When there is a change, the brain sends message to the back of the throat, from there, the message go back to the brain, it is a combination of feelings that make’s us say were thirsty.
Fact file:
Our sense of thirst is controlled in our brain. When the body requires more water, we experience the sensation of thirst. Usually our mouth and throat become dry-a signal for us to drink more fluids...


MDM said...

Feeling of thirsty is important to keep hydrated. However sometime it may also point to abnormal condition such as diabetes, particularly trues if you're continuously refiling your cup without relief. Just my 2 cents!

Pupuk Cabe Rawit said...

thanks for the useful post


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